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      You want your wedding to be INTIMATE and AUTHENTIC with the focus where it belongs, on your relationship and your future together. On your ADVENTURE. It's about having a wedding experience that is as unique as your love story and all YOUR OWN.

      Hey there!

      I'm Jackie, a traveling intimate wedding and adventure elopement photographer loosely based in central PA, Arizona, and Seattle, WA (yep, I get around ;-) ).

      I specialize in documenting love stories wherever they happen. Whether it's the day you promise your life to your kindred spirit, the arrival of a new tiny soul, or your family's chaotic love, I tell your story artistically and honestly, yielding emotive images with an earthy feel.

      While it's important that you love the images your photographer creates, elopements and tiny weddings are all about intimacy. In some cases, the photographer is the only other soul witnessing a marriage! Your whole day is spent with your photographer. And at the end of that day, it's all about the experience. That's why it's so incredibly essential that we're a good fit.

      We'll be amazing together if...

      - you're inspired by connections rather than material things

      - you don't mind getting your dress a little dirty or your hair a little windswept

      - it's all about the experience for you, the moment you promise your life to your very best friend

      Ready to begin crafting your dream intimate wedding or elopement

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